Collection: MINH LE STUDIO

Approximately 600 years ago, a group of skilled potters from Bồ Bát Village, an ancient pottery village in Ninh Bình Province, embarked on a journey in search of new opportunities and resources. They migrated to Bạch Thổ Phường, an area known for its rich white clay deposits, which eventually became the famous Bát Tràng pottery village we know today. Among these pioneering artisans was my family's ancestor, Mr. Lê Phúc Thái. As a visionary and skilled craftsman, he played a crucial role in establishing the Lê Family's presence and reputation in Bát Tràng.

In an era of rapid industrialization, MINH LE realized a trend among the younger generation moving away from our traditional crafts to pursue more modern career paths. While he acknowledged and appreciated the numerous benefits of industrialization, he felt a profound need to preserve our traditional craft, which he believes is intrinsically beautiful and a significant part of their cultural identity.

Every piece from MINH LE STUDIO is not just a product; it's a story – a tale of the great effort of many local artisans, a chronicle of hundreds of years of culture and tradition. Each piece is a tribute to their rich cultural heritage that customers can appreciate and showcase.

Through MINH LE STUDIO, they are committed to bringing their family's legacy, their story, their cultural tradition, and the remarkable craftsmanship of their hometown to the global stage. This is the essence of MINH LE STUDIO – a testament to their past, a product of their present, and a promise to their future.

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