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Philosophy of ASICS

1 . Provide valuable products and services through sport to all our customers
2. Fulfill our social responsibility and help improve conditions for communities around the world
3. Share profits brought by our sound services with our shareholders, communities and employees
4. Maintain a spirit of freedom, fairness and discipline, respectful of all individuals

ASICS is at the forefront of the world performance sports market as undisputedly the leading running shoe brand for enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. Whether at professional sporting events, the Olympics, or an everyday run around a park; we are the runner’s choice, providing comfort, support and a superior ride.

Kihachiro Onitsuka founded ASICS in 1949 to realize his desire to nurture the youth of Japan through sports and contribute to the development of society. Our founding philosophy of "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano (A Sound Mind in a Sound Body)" represents our wish that people all over the world will live healthful and happy lives in both body and mind.

The social significance of sports is growing more than ever in modern society. Sports are an important element in living longer and more healthful lives, in feeling more fulfilled, and in crossing national and cultural boundaries to bring the world together.

Beyond the running arena, ASICS has made further strides in development. The revolutionary ASICS Rugby and Football range incorporates injury prevention technologies; a first in these sports. ASICS is unmatched for technical superiority and rigorous quality. These standards have put the company in good stead for over 70 years, and will remain hallmarks of the brand as it innovates and develops well into the 21st century.

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