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David Fischer_ IRAK NY is already around since the mid 90's. What was it at the time, how did it all start?

EARSNOT_ As a shoplifting crew of graffiti writing degenerates. Me just stealing anything I wanted cause I'm nice like that! Me Rehab and Kent driving going OT to rack for a couple of days. Looking for loot n gear spots.

David_ Tell us something about the members, founders of IRAK NY?

EARSNOT_ I just did.

David_ Tell us, how did the crew develop into a clothing line? What were the drivers of that evolvement?

EARSNOT_ A lot of people are throwing that NY or NYC into their brand name, trying to cling to an image, etc. Fuck that. We've been IRAK NY, before making gear ever even crossed our minds. As a brand, yeah we're emerging, and we're "new" but we've been around for years, and most people that like our shit know that and respect it.

David_ What stands behind the clothing of IRAK NY? What is the brand philosophy?

EARSNOT_ Fuck that question that’s bullshit. NEXT!

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