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"I've always been confident about what I like. I've never felt that I truly fit in anywhere. My work is a representation of the kind of world that I want to live in," says (Earn) Chen. "These spaces are also my refuge. Thankfully, some people get it."

And by "some", he really means generations. When he opened multi-label store Ambush in the late '90s, he was one of the first to introduce cult streetwear brands such as Recon, Goodenough and Gimme Five to Singapore. Applying old-world sensibilities to new world discoveries, Chen effortlessly navigates the complexities of cultures and generations.

"I am here to make sure that they don't have to repeat the same mistakes I did. For some time, I sidetracked from what I wanted to do. I became another person and wasn't happy," says Chen, who lets his young friends use his office as a space to create. "The youth culture has given much to me, so I want to give back to the community."

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