• Security Level ∞ T-Shirt


Security Level ∞ T-Shirt

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8.1 oz printed T-shirt and is based on the conventional BIG T-SHIRT, the width is slightly slimmer, the length is longer, and the rib width around the neck is adjusted to be thinner. Although it has a BIG silhouette, it has a slightly cleaner impression than before featuing security camera graphics printed on the front. 

Material: Cotton 100% 

M: (length) 84 (Width) 62 (Shoulder Width) 57 (Sleeve length) 23 (Hem Width) 59        L: (length) 77 (Width) 66 (Shoulder Width) 61 (Sleeve length) 24 (Hem Width) 63       XL: (length) 80 (Width) 70 (Shoulder Width) 65 (Sleeve length) 25 (Hem Width) 67