• Mystery Gauge Crew Knit


Mystery Gauge Crew Knit

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Designed with a raglan sleeve cut and sewn using a special jersey material with different gauges on the front and back. The ribbed polyester material is an easy-care material that can be machine washed. Constructed in a classic box silhouette the crew knit features a black nametag on the bottom left seam and the neck, cuffs, and hem are all finished with the same material. 

Material: Polyester 100% 

M: (length) 70 (Width) 67 (Sleeve length) 87 (Hem Width) 51                                                L: (length) 73 (Width) 71 (Sleeve length) 90 (Hem Width) 55                                                   XL: (length) 76 (Width) 75 (Sleeve length) 93 (Hem Width) 59